AFF Launches New Webpage About Safety of Organic Pesticides

1/21/2014 5:09 PM

As we continue with our goal to provide credible food safety information to consumers, the Alliance for Food and Farming has launched a new webpage which provides information about the laws and regulations governing the safe use of organically approved pesticides on fruit and vegetable farms.  While this regulatory information is readily available for conventionally approved pesticides, there is not a common site for organic pesticides where concise information is easily accessible.

The need for this new webpage has become increasingly apparent as the AFF continues to receive more consumer questions about the use of organic pesticides and residues on organic produce. The new webpage will feature an outline of the federal regulatory standards in place for organic pesticides, the process for approving the use of organic pesticides and measures in place to protect consumers who enjoy organic produce. 

Since 2010, the AFF has worked to provide information to consumers to correct common misconceptions about pesticide residues and to communicate that both organic and conventional growing methods provide safe and healthy fruits and vegetables for consumers and their families.  This new webpage reflects our continued commitment to achieve that goal.  And, by removing fear and uncertainty through increased, accessible and credible food safety information, we hope to help consumers make the right choice for their families as well as encourage increased consumption of fruits and veggies. 

Read, learn, choose but eat more conventional and organic fruits and veggies for better health.

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