Alliance Calls On EWG To Hold Webinar On "Dirty Dozen" Methodology

9/19/2012 10:23 AM


Yesterday, the Environmental Working Group made the following webinar announcement: “Please join us on Friday to hear EWG experts talk about the methodology used to score the household cleaning products in EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning.” 

The Alliance is encouraged that EWG is being more forthcoming about the development of their “Guide to Healthy Cleaning” but we call on EWG to hold a similar webinar to discuss the methodology of their so-called “Dirty Dozen” list.  For years, the produce industry has asked the Environmental Working Group to fully explain the methodology used to develop this list without success.  A webinar would give scientists, industry experts, farmers and the media a rare opportunity to get direct answers from EWG.     

We would ask that EWG follow the example set by the Alliance in the webinars that we have hosted and conduct their webinar with transparency and not censor questions from participants.  To be clear, whenever the Alliance has hosted a webinar to announce and discuss scientific information and studies newly available on the website, we have directly invited EWG to participate and have answered every single question asked by participants.

As always, we’ll send this webinar request directly to EWG today and let everyone know their answer. But, if they decline or ignore this request, that will be quite telling in itself.  


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