Labels Shouldn't Confuse Consumers

6/4/2014 1:21 PM

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, consumers are constantly confronted with labels that are often confusing.  This must leave some asking:  So, what should I buy?  Organic, conventional, natural, local, sustainable?  Or, where should I shop? Warehouse store, traditional grocery store, small local market, specialty food market, CSA, farmers’ market?  When buying produce the answer is quite simple-  any and/or all of them.  Just choose what’s best for you, but the right choice is always to eat more fruits and veggies for better health. 

The facts are that any of these labels reflect farming methods that yield safe, wholesome foods.  And the varied shopping choices offer a myriad of options for families based upon convenience, time, budget or product preference.  This wide variety of produce choices along with the multitude of shopping options should be celebrated because it provides consumers with an abundance of affordable and accessible fruits and veggies whenever and however they want them.

And let’s remember why this is important:  

  • There is no other food group more nutritious and healthy than fruits and vegetables. 
  • There is no other food group where there is uniform and widespread agreement among health experts that consumption needs to be substantially increased. 
  • There is no other food group where decades of studies show such staggering health benefits when consumption is increased even slightly.

So the message should really be simple since there really isn’t a “lesser” choice when buying produce. Moms if you prefer to buy organic produce from a larger warehouse store – great!  Or, if you like conventional produce because it’s more affordable and enjoy the convenience of shopping at your smaller local market – that’s great too.  The important choice is that you’re buying lots of produce for your families.

Let’s also remember that this abundance of produce choices is made possible by farmers who grow organically and conventionally, but often sustainably and locally as well to provide “naturally” wholesome, safe and healthy fruits and veggies for consumers. And to their retail partners who deliver these foods to consumers whenever and however they want them.  

Read, learn, choose but eat more fruits and vegetables every day for better health and a longer life.


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