Science Over Rhetoric- We Agree!

9/18/2014 12:39 PM

“Rhetoric is no substitute for actual science and hard evidence.”

Ironically, this is a quote from an Environmental Working Group (EWG) blog today.  And we couldn’t agree more.  Yes EWG, science and evidence should take precedence over baseless rhetoric. So stop using scary rhetoric to mischaracterize risk when it comes to pesticide residues on produce in direct contrast to the “actual science and hard evidence.”

So let’s review the science.  And as you read through the “actual science,” compare it to EWG’s  “rhetoric” that conventionally grown produce is “dirty,” “toxic,” “contaminated,” “pesticide laden.” 

  • Federal and state government sampling programs continually show that residues, if present at all, are found at extremely minute levels.  In fact, residues are so low that a child could literally eat hundreds to thousands of servings of a fruit or vegetable in a day and still not have any health effects from residues.
  • USDA/FDA/EPA clearly state that “residues do not pose a food safety concern.”
  • There is no other food group more nutritious and healthy than fruits and vegetables. 
  • There is no other food group where there is uniform and widespread agreement among health experts that consumption needs to be substantially increased.
  • There is no other food group where decades of studies show such staggering health benefits when consumption is increased even slightly. These studies have largely been conducted using conventionally grown produce
  • There is no other food group that peer reviewed studies show adequate consumption can reduce risk of stroke by almost a third, reduce risk of heart disease by 31%, reduce risk of cancer by 25%, reduce risk of premature death by 42%.

It is hoped that EWG’s statement is sincere.  If it is, then EWG will move away from using fear-based rhetoric concerning produce safety and toward science and hard evidence.  And the science supports this very simple recommendation:  Eat more organic and conventional fruits and veggies for better health and a longer life.  




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