Strangely Silent

7/17/2012 2:00 PM


It’s been a couple weeks since we sent the Environmental Working Group our blog with a list of questions and/or clarifications about their “Dirty Dozen” list.  We also reached out to EWG via their Facebook page and their Huffington Post blog to see if we could obtain those answers.  But, EWG has remained strangely silent and has not answered or addressed one single question.  Not one.  EWG has, once again, resorted to their standard diversionary tactic of leveling misleading attacks about who the Alliance is, which they do whenever the conversation turns in an uncomfortable direction. 

But, then it occurred to us that they simply don’t have any answers to our questions.  EWG’s information is jumbled, often hypocritical and lacking in science.  So when asked for clarification or the scientific basis for the information presented, they have nowhere to go and no answers to give.

But, we’ll keep asking our questions of EWG in an effort to make them accountable.  And, we'll keep providing consumers with credible, science based information about the safety of organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.  And while has an ever-increasing amount of information and science, there is still much more to come.  Unfortunately for the EWG, more science from us also means more questions for them.    


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