Videos Featuring Farmers Provide Answers to Tough Questions

6/7/2016 2:24 PM

People like farmers and, as we see repeatedly, farmers and farming are popular topics today.  Part of the reason people like farmers is they say what they mean and mean what they say.  Ask them a question and you will get a straight answer.  But, since many people don’t have the opportunity to regularly talk to farmers like we do, the Alliance for Food and Farming asked them some safety questions commonly asked by consumers and videotaped those conversations. 

Some of the questions included on the videos  – why do you farm organically, why do you farm conventionally, why do organic and conventional farmers use pesticides, how do you limit pesticide use on your farm, what regulations do you have to follow when applying an organic or conventional pesticide and how do you ensure the safety of your workers and your families?  Tough questions for sure, but the farmers’ answers are straightforward and very informative. 

The videos are also important because while activists, media and bloggers often talk about farmers and farming, it seems we often don’t hear directly from the people responsible for growing the healthy fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day.  To hear them talk about their care and commitment to growing safe food for consumers – and their own families too – provides perspectives and understanding of the challenges facing organic and conventional farmers of fruits and veggies.  These videos also convey the farmers’ love for what they do. 

So take a few minutes to peruse the AFF’s library and get a farmer’s take on these tough questions.   The AFF’s library also features videos which summarize recently released peer reviewed studies as well as interviews with an expert in nutrition.  And, if you have visited our video library before, you will see that we have reorganized the content by topic of interest so it is easier to navigate and view the videos you want to see.

If there are questions you have for fruit and veggie farmers or if there is a topic where you would like more information, post a comment below or to our Facebook page.

Read, learn, choose but eat more organic and conventional fruits and veggies every day for better health and a longer life.

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