Health & Nutrition

Health experts, the government and environmental groups all agree that increasing consumption of conventional and organic produce can improve health and prevent diseases. This recommendation is supported by decades of nutritional studies that show the health benefits of eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. These studies were largely conducted using conventionally grown produce. Most recently, a peer reviewed analysis showed that if only half of all Americans increased their consumption of fruits and veggies by a single serving each day, an estimated 20,000 cancers cases could be prevented annually. Choosing to eat more conventional and organic produce is always the right choice.

Eat more. Studies show that Americans are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables each day. In fact, since the economic recession, consumption rates have declined further — especially among lower income families. Promotion of "dirty" lists actually makes the work of improving the diets of Americans more difficult because they scare consumers away from the affordable fruits and vegetables that they enjoy.

Our First Lady, health officials from every major government agency, health care groups and health education organizations all agree that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. For over 25 years, these health organizations have worked to educate Americans on the importance of increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Despite these efforts, consumption has not increased.

Mom was right. Start living a healthier life. If you want to live a longer, healthier life and you want the same for your children, listen to your mom's advice and the advice from health professionals everywhere — eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Don't let "lists" limit your choices and discourage you from enjoying your favorite fruit or vegetable grown by a caring farming family.

Enjoy the abundance. American farmers proudly offer fresh produce all year round. This gives parents more options and means kids can enjoy their favorite fruit or veggie more often. And nutritionists agree that a diet consisting of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables ensures you and your children are getting the varied nutrients needed for a healthy life. Whether you buy conventional or organic produce, know that each is grown with care to ensure safety.

Just wash it. According to FDA, you can reduce and often eliminate residues (if they are present at all) on fresh produce by washing it under cold or warm running tap water.