2013 - It's All About The Truth

2013 - It's All About The Truth

1/22/2013 10:37 AM


As we begin 2013, the Alliance for Food and Farming is more committed than ever to providing consumers with fact-based, credible information about the safety of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables.  Our goal remains to remove fear as a barrier to consumption and give moms truthful information to help them make educated shopping choices for their families.

As part of this goal, we will continue to work to correct misleading information perpetuated by activist groups and the media.  Whatever their motivation, the net effect of their fear-based messaging  is a negative one and it undermines the efforts of the government, the First Lady and health experts everywhere to promote eating more fruits and vegetables. 

This fear-based messaging is even more concerning since it is not supported by facts or science.  The language is inflammatory and exaggerations are commonplace.  Ironically, some of this verbiage has resulted in increased questions about the safety of organic pesticides and those residues.  Therefore the Alliance will launch a new webpage so that consumers can see the stringent government standards and regulations regarding the use of organic pesticides in place to ensure the safety of organic fruits and veggies.

As part of our outreach efforts in 2013, the Alliance will also continue to remind consumers about the decades of nutritional research that shows how eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables promotes better health.  These studies were largely conducted using conventionally grown produce. The nutrition facts are indisputable and a new peer-reviewed study which showed that 20,000 cancer cases could be prevented if half of Americans increased their consumption of fruits and veggies by a single serving is yet another example.

The Alliance is proud to advocate about the safety of fruits and vegetables on behalf of the organic and conventional farmers we represent who work hard every day to deliver the safest and healthiest foods to American families.  Our information is science-based, peer-reviewed and has not been disputed.

Moms, parents and consumers everywhere deserve better information about the safety of fruits and vegetables.  We hope that people visit our website, read our information,  learn more about organic and conventional growing practices and then choose what works best for their families.  Raising fear without facts is a disservice to consumers.  Moms deserve factual, science based and balanced information.  Moms deserve the truth.

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