Advocating For Farmers and Consumers

Advocating For Farmers and Consumers

5/17/2013 12:17 PM


In 2010, the Alliance for Food and Farming began the work of correcting misleading information which disparaged the safety of healthy fruits and vegetables.  Not only did this misleading information disparage produce, it also disparaged the farmers who work hard every day to provide healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables for American families. 

This work has been successful.  Most recently, there has been a significant decline in mainstream media coverage of the so-called “Dirty Dozen” list.  This was achieved by presenting factual, science based, peer reviewed information to the public.  The success is heartening because it shows that shining a bright light on science – or lack thereof in the case of the “Dirty Dozen” list – can have a positive effect.

But, why is this work important?  Yes, the Alliance is very passionate about stopping the unfair disparagement of farmers.  In fact, love of farming, a deep respect for farmers and the desire to preserve farming is what motivates our three-woman staff and our board of directors.

But this is also about the consumers of these healthy, nutritious products.  Health experts universally recommend we should be eating more of organic and conventional fruits and veggies.  But, unfairly disparaging one of those production methods and creating fear in consumers counteracts and undermines public health initiatives encouraging healthy eating.   So, the Alliance is equally passionate about correcting these misconceptions so that moms everywhere know that choosing organic or conventional fruits and veggies is the safe and right choice for the health of their families.

Interestingly, for these efforts, the Alliance for Food and Farming is often subjected to negative mischaracterizations about who we are.  But, even more interesting is the fact that the science-based information we put forth has not been disputed by these same critics.  Not once.

The Alliance will continue our work so consumers have access to food safety information that can help them make the right choice for their families.  We’ll also continue to advocate for consumers to eat more conventional and organic fruits and veggies for better health.  Why we get criticized for carrying the same message as health experts everywhere, we aren’t sure.  But we’ll carry on because what we’re advocating for is important for the farmers we represent and for consumers who deserve the truth.

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