Farmer Videos Show Food Safety Commitment

Farmer Videos Show Food Safety Commitment

12/10/2013 12:32 PM

The AFF has recently reposted on our Facebook page the videos of farmers describing how they control pests and diseases on their organic and conventional fruit and vegetable farms.  These videos clearly show the scientific and technical knowledge that goes into making each and every pest and disease control decision.

The reposting of the videos is in response to increasing consumer questions and comments about how and why pesticides are used on farms.  More specifically, how organic pesticides are used and regulated.  While these farmer videos help answer some of those questions and concerns, it has become clear that more regulatory information about conventional and organic pesticides is needed which can be easily accessed by consumers.

As the Alliance continues to work to provide credible food safety information to consumers, we hope to fill this information void so that consumers of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables are reassured about the safety of both.  In the meantime, we hope that our blog readers will also take a moment to watch these farmer videos to see firsthand the care taken to provide safe food for families everywhere.  

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