New AFF Op-Ed and Some Quick Takes On Current Events

New AFF Op-Ed and Some Quick Takes On Current Events

7/1/2014 9:51 AM

The Alliance for Food and Farming has a new editorial in the Lempert Report’s Food, Nutrition and Science newsletter.  We began our editorial by asking this question: 

What if peer-reviewed studies showed that something you ate regularly could:

Would you eat more of it? 

We all know that this food group already exists and it is fruits and veggies.  Yet disparagement of this nutritious food group continues.  Why?  It really defies logic.  Read the entire AFF editorial here.

Which leads us to our next topic:  Dr. Oz.  Recently Dr. Oz was hauled in front of a Congressional committee and lambasted for some of his less than science based shows and statements regarding weight loss.  This was refreshing to see since Dr. Oz annually engages in disparaging conventionally grown produce on his show with erroneous and inaccurate claims about pesticide residues.  During the Congressional hearing, Dr. Oz admitted to resorting to “flowery” language at times and also committed to providing Americans with real and proven weight loss strategies.  We are hoping that promoting increased consumption of organic and conventional produce will be at the top of his list of recommendations.  We are also hoping that maybe his annual disparagement of safe and healthy produce will stop based upon his statement and pledge to the Congressional committee. 

And, the latest from the Environmental Working Group:  In the battle over school nutritional standards and proposed waivers, the EWG came out strongly advocating for increased servings of fruits and veggies in school lunch programs.  Since most of the fruits and vegetables supplied to the school lunch program are conventionally grown, EWG’s position would seemingly be more aligned with what the Alliance for Food and Farming advocates:  Eat more organic and conventional produce for better health and a longer life, both are very safe.  Now maybe EWG should stop labeling the produce they are advocating school children eat more of every day as “dirty.” 


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