More Evidence That Organic and Conventional Produce Can Be Enjoyed With Confidence

More Evidence That Organic and Conventional Produce Can Be Enjoyed With Confidence

10/23/2015 11:42 AM

Yet another government sampling program’s results verify the safety of organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.  Last week, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) released the results from the 2014 pesticide residue monitoring program and found the vast majority of the fruits and veggies sampled had “little to no residues" and "meet stringent federal pesticide safety standards." 

“This report further confirms that California’s vigorous pesticide regulatory program creates a reliable marketplace where consumers can have faith in their fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Brian Leahy, CDPR director. 

CDPR's program samples residues on organic and conventional produce grown in California and out of the state.  Their results mirror the findings of federal sampling programs conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Both of those agencies clearly state that residues do not pose a food safety concern based upon the federal sampling program findings.  

But what do you think when you hear “little to no residues” and what does “little” really mean?  The Alliance for Food and Farming asked a toxicologist with the University of California’s Personal Chemical Exposure Program to analyze residue data from the USDA’s sampling program to provide context and understanding regarding the levels of residues present on popular fruits and veggies.  But, we also asked the toxicologist to analyze the highest levels of residues recorded by USDA on each produce item examined. 

The findings:  A man, woman, teenager or child could literally eat hundreds to thousands of servings of a fruit or veggie in a day and still not have any effects from residues even at the highest levels recorded. That is how minute residues levels are, if present at all.

The results of this analysis are captured in an easy-to-use calculator at  Simply click on your favorite fruit or veggie and you’ll see the amount of servings you could consume without any effect from residues.

The CDPR sampling results add to the abundance of science that the best message for consumers continues to be to eat more conventional and organic produce for better health and a longer life.  Both are safe and can be eaten and enjoyed with confidence.

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