Have You Seen Our Tax Return?

Have You Seen Our Tax Return?

2/23/2012 12:36 PM


This week, the Alliance, once again, has been attacked by an activist group in various emails and blog postings because we continue to discourage consumers from using “dirty” produce lists by providing credible, science based information about pesticide residues. 

The basis of the activist group’s attacks continues to center on accusations that the Alliance is a “pesticide lobby front group.”  Since we don’t lobby and we are expressly forbidden to take money from any pesticide group or company, these attacks are baseless and completely disingenuous.  Further, on this very website anyone can view our entire tax return, which clearly shows we are who we say we are – a group representing organic and conventional farmers and farming organizations.

We understand why this group is attempting to redefine and misrepresent us – if you undermine the credibility of the messenger maybe you undermine the message.  And since our message is strong and good and backed by credible science their only choice is to malign the messenger.  This is a classic political campaign strategy and many of the activist group staffers have campaign backgrounds.  Except this campaign is about public health which we are trying to improve by providing people with more information about an important health topic.  Apparently, this group doesn’t want consumers to have more information.  They want us to be quiet and are trying to silence us by attempting to discredit us.  Sad, but true.

For those of you that support our work, we wanted to share a brief description of who the Alliance is.  Our supporters can use this description if they are asked questions about the Alliance. 

“The Alliance for Food and Farming is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 which represents organic and conventional farmers and farms of all sizes.  Alliance contributors are limited to farmers of fruits and vegetables, companies that sell, market or ship fruits and vegetables or organizations that represent produce farmers.  Our mission is to deliver credible information to consumers about the safety of fruits and vegetables.  The Alliance does not engage in any lobbying activities, nor do we accept any money or support from the pesticide industry.”

In 2012, the Alliance is looking forward to providing even more information that shows the safety of all produce, the quality of the science we cite as well as quantify the dangers of this activist group’s continual messaging about “dirty” produce. And, we fully expect the baseless attacks from this group to continue.  In fact, we expect them and their supporters to get even more strident and mean as the Alliance’s message about safe produce gets stronger. While their fear-based messaging is exposed as counterproductive to public health, not based on science and undermines healthy eating initiatives like the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. 

So stay tuned.



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